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About Bailey Cordova & Tim Nuckolls

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Bailey Cordova

In 2015, Bailey Cordova earned her associate degree in Culinary Arts from Ozarks Technical Community College in Hollister, Missouri. “My biggest hobby is cooking, and I got a degree in culinary arts to follow my dreams,” she recalls. “But it turns out my dream is to be a leader.”

Bailey was general manager of a pizza restaurant before joining Liberty National Life Insurance Company (LNL) in 2016. “I joined Liberty National because I fell in love with the opportunity. I believed I was worth it, and at LNL I got to prove that,” remembers Bailey. “I wanted to become an Agency Owner to grow as a leader and help others take advantage of the opportunity Liberty National offers. I actively pursued the opportunity, but I also was supported by my leadership team to move into this position. The biggest thing I bring as a leader is a safe work environment. Company culture is one of the most important things we cultivate in our office and something I hold near and dear,” she adds.

“Some of my greatest accomplishments with Liberty National have been setting up the Wichita location for Tim Nuckolls and my team finishing eighth in the nation in 2018. But the most rewarding part of my journey with Liberty National is the opportunity to impact others’ lives … to welcome them into our culture and build them up, empower them, and show them what they are capable of,” Bailey stresses.

Bailey believes strongly in Liberty National products, its Agents, and its policyholders. “Our products help people during the hardest time of their lives … the loss of a loved one or a cancer diagnosis. We allow them to focus of what’s really important instead of how they are going to keep the lights on,” she states. “Many of our clients want insurance but can’t afford it with other companies. Our Agency offers this area an opportunity for policyholders to protect their families with benefits that fit their pocketbook. I also believe Liberty National offers you the opportunity to take control of your career and create wealth at YOUR pace,” emphasizes Bailey.

“When you join this great Company, cast the vision. You’ll have bad days, maybe even bad weeks, but with Liberty National those are temporary. Know WHERE you are going and WHY you are going there, and don’t let anything stop you from reaching your vision. If I could start over, I would embrace the Liberty National system 100 percent from the start. It has been life changing for my career and my team,” she stresses.

“In my free time, I like to do adventurous things with my husband, Jesse, my team, and my dogs. We love to hike, visit new restaurants, explore the aquarium, and travel,” she says.

Bailey and Jesse, who also works for Liberty National, are the proud parents of twins.

Are you ready to take on a new challenge and fulfill your dreams? Contact Liberty National today, because your future begins NOW!

Tim Nuckolls

In May 2007, Tim Nuckolls was in a situation similar to what you may be in right now: working an unfulfilling job, nervous about his financial future, and eager for a clean slate in his professional life. One month later, after a long conversation with his good friend and Liberty National Agency Owner, Jeff Miller, Tim decided he was done: done working at an unfulfilling job, done worrying about his financial future, and done just thinking about a clean slate. He was ready to actually make it happen.

With that decision, he joined Liberty National Life Insurance Company as an Agent.

“I immediately loved the Company and the family atmosphere within it,” Tim says. “To me, it was clear very quickly this was a Company that cared about its clients and the people who work so hard servicing them.” Knowing this was his opportunity to provide himself and his family a promising financial future, Tim employed what he called a ‘fearless’ mindset towards his growth with the Company. It was a mindset that took him to an Agency Director position and, ultimately, an Agency Owner position in Springfield, Missouri. His ‘fearless’ mindset only strengthened as he progressed with Liberty National, and so too did his income.

“I just wanted to send my kids to college. The reality is, I have a son at Harvard right now. I would’ve never thought I could’ve afforded it, but now I can,” Tim says. “The opportunity I was given with Liberty National has not only made an impact on me, but it’s going to change generations to come in my family.”

For anyone considering a sales career with Liberty National, Tim offers the same advice he gave himself back in June 2007: be fearless, take risks, accept challenges, and trust in the support you’re given by the Company.

“This Company will change your life and the lives of your children if you aren’t afraid of hard work,” Tim says. “It’s that simple.”

Tim, his wife Melissa, and their five kids are passionate travelers, church-goers, sports-watchers, and nature-appreciators. He spends every moment he can with his family … but when not with them, he’s with his other family: his Liberty National family.

“I cherish every moment I’ve spent with my Liberty National family, and I look forward to seeing where this leadership team and all the people who work so hard every day are going to take this Company,” Tim says.

If you’re interested in joining the Liberty National team or want to learn more about the ‘Opportunity of a Lifetime’ with Liberty National, call Tim today.

Bailey Cordova & Tim Nuckolls - Liberty National Agency Owner

We’re looking for a select group of leaders, entrepreneurs, and high achievers who see the value in our opportunity of a lifetime. Say yes to LNL and we’ll give you the ability to have an outstanding income and a whole new lifestyle. A career with Liberty National Life Insurance Company gives you freedom. The choice is yours.

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About LNL

Liberty National Life Insurance Company has been in the insurance industry since 1900. Whew, that’s a long time. Liberty National provides life and supplemental health through individual and workplace sales. Delivering local, one-on-one service to our customers is something we’ve done since the beginning and it’s a staple of who we are. We look forward to taking care of you as part of the Liberty National family.

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LNL Product Info

This is where we tell you we offer lots of affordable products to fit your needs. While Liberty National does offer competitive life and supplemental health products for individuals and small- to medium-size businesses, our Agents work with you to determine the right products for your needs and family budget. Our goal is to help make sure your family has some financial protection in crisis situations, such as the death of a financial contributor to your family. We look forward to getting to know your family’s needs and answering any questions you have about life insurance or one of our supplemental health policies.

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Worksite Info

With Liberty National’s Section 125 Cafeteria Plan, small and medium-size business owners can change payroll deduction for employee premium payment from an after-tax to a pretax basis on eligible products. Imagine that!  Actually save money by simply making supplemental insurance benefits available to your employees. If you’re a small or medium size business owner, it may be difficult to offer benefits because of budget constraints. Our Worksite Advantage program gives your employees access to insurance benefits at no cost to you. We even help you with payroll administration and to identify how you can take advantage of the IRS Section 125 code.

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